Nic Preston

Nic is the founding lawyer of Preston Legal and is a dual qualified lawyer in both Ontario, Canada, as well as cross Provincially inSouth Africa. His entire career on both sides of the world has been devoted to advocating for employers and litigating various workplace disputes. As local Canadian counsel today and previously as Partner of one of Southern Africa's largest law firms, Nic’s career has involved advising and litigating a vast array of complex and profiled matters, from government bodies to sporting associations, international and local employers and importantly small to medium enterprises as well.

Nic’s formative years were spent on his feet in courtrooms and tribunals, with a number of his matters very early one ending up in the press. Nic remains a litigator at heart and had developed a strong presence defending wrongful dismissal cases.

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Nic is also a frequent writer and speaker across various HumanResources Professional Groups, as well as related Industry Associations, offering practical considerations that are proactive, while identifying gaps that go well beyond the usual circulars that do the rounds.

Nic also remains passionately affiliated with the Labour Law body in South Africa (SASLAW),which offers pro bono representation and advice to some of South Africa's most vulnerable and poorest workers, who would not otherwise have access to justice.  Throughout his career, Nic has also appeared in several print and media news, as well as television and radio interviews.

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